The MyIPM smartphone application was originally developed in 2012 by Clemson University for South Carolina peach and strawberry growers, but has since expanded into a tool that serves all fruit growers along the east coast. The app content is maintained in collaboration with fruit extension specialists at Cornell University, University of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, and the University of Georgia. 

The apps include the following features:

  • Diagnostics, including descriptions and picture galleries of fruit crop diseases, pests, and disorders.
  • Name and description of the causal agents, including a 2 to 4 min audio from the regional specialist
  • Chemical, biological, and cultural control tactics
  • Interactive tables featuring registered conventional and biological active ingredients for each disease/pest, sortable by FRAC codes, FRAC risk, and efficacy 
  • Active ingredients and trade names that are linked to each other
  • Trade names and their rates per acre, PHI values, REI values, risk to the environment, field worker, and pollinators
  • Search feature to list active ingredients and trade names for each disease/pest together with efficacy and rate per acre

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my ipm app

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